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cocos2d-x tutorial part III – How to Move a sprite

by on Sep.11, 2012, under Cocos2d-x

Now we already have created our first cocos2d game on Part I – Hello world , and adding our player’s sprite into game’s scene in the last chapter, Part II – How to Add a sprite. But now, like in many other games, we have to add some enemies in our screen, in order to play. Let’s suppose that we would like our enemies appearing into the screen from the right side, and moving from there to the left at a random position and speed. To do that, we will create a function called addTarget() as we will see below. Once more we are following the original tutorial posted here.

Let’s get started then……

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cocos2d-x tutorial part II – How to Add a sprite

by on Sep.06, 2012, under Cocos2d-x

After this tutorial part I – Hello world,  now we already have created our first multi-platform cocos2d-2x project.  Now is time to add an sprite to our small game.

As in the original tutorial that you can find here,  we will be using these three images made by Ray Wenderlich ’s wife , which would be used into our little game.

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cocos2d-x tutorial part I – Hello world

by on Aug.09, 2012, under Cocos2d-x

This is the first post from a small cocos2d-x step by step tutorial following the official ones. After following them with no success as they are developed using the previous release of cocos2. There are some parts that are not working anymore, and takes a bit of time to realize how to do them with the new release. This tutorials can be found on the web official web here. From now on, I will publish the remaining6 parts (out of 7) following the same contents as the official ones,  but adjusted for the current version of cocos2d-x. (continue reading…)

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Creating a window with OpenGL (glut)

by on Nov.05, 2009, under OpenGL

Today, we will create our first OpenGL’s window (using glut). But what is it that “GLUT”?.It is the OpenGL Utility Toolkit, a window system independent toolkit for writing OpenGL programs. Basically it would help us to create windows, independent of the operating system we are programing for(Windows, Linux, Mac ,….). All of this functions belonging to GLUT have the initials glut at the begining of the function’s name. (continue reading…)

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