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by on Aug.09, 2012, under News

I started to use the last version of cocos2d (cocos2d-2.0-rc2-x-2.0.1) recently. Cocos2d-X is a game engine framework based on Cocos2d-iPhone, which consists of expanding supported platforms, with multiple choice of programming languages that shares the same API structure.  You can find more information about this engine on the official website here.

After following the beginners tutorials they have on the official web with no success as they are developed using the previous release of cocos2d. There are some parts that are not working anymore, and takes a bit of time to realize how to do them with the new release. I just decided to share my experience, and write a 7 part tutorial for beginners, just following the official ones, but adapted to this new release. You can find the links below:

Chapter 1 – Hello World
Chapter 2 – How to Add a sprite
Chapter 3 – How to Move a sprite
Chapter 4 – How to Fire some Bullets
Chapter 5 – How to Detect the Collisions
Chapter 6 – How to Play Music and Sound Effect
Chapter 7 – Some Icing on the Cake

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