Project – “Aeon Space Figther”

by on Aug.06, 2012, under Android

This is my first work on game development for smartphones. I have choose Android over Iphone ( or any other mobile platform) because of a simple reason …. I already have an Android device of my own (Samsung Galaxy SII).

I have developed this project during the last 4 months more or less. I have started last April, and published version 0.11 with 10 different levels, 3 different enemy types and final enemies for each level beginning of August 2012. The game also includes some music, sounds effects, 3 difficulty levels , and much more.

It has been developed with Android SDK (Java and OpenGL ES). I preferred not to use any framework (such as Cocos2d for example), because I wanted to better understand how the Android platform works. My understanding and knowledge of this platform have grown over the development process, so not be so hard on your opinion of my code. Few times I had to re-design all Graphics subsystem due to new features, new knowledge, …. It happen the same also during audio subsystem development, user I/O etc.

This project have been published on Google Play (for free). I wanted to experience the whole development process within this type of platforms. (you can find the source code or the link to Google Play below).

Technical details:

  • Language: Java
  • 2D Engine: OpenGL ES
  • 2D Models: PNG
  • ScreenShots:
  • Source Code: GitHub repository here
  • Google Play: This game have been published in Google Play here

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