Zurich Iron Man 2013

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First of all I know this is not games programming or video games related subject, but this is a personal achievement I would like to share with all of you :). I would like to do it because it took so much of personal effort, time and ….. everything that

Last July 28th of 2013 I ran this year’s edition of Iron Man Zurich. Yes… 3,8 km swim + 180 km bike + 42 km run. All in one go in around 14h. As one of my friends said it was “against all odds”. I got sick 1 week before with a flu (even laying in bed for a few days). To make it even harder the weather decided not to be in our side. 37 degrees (Celsius) at race day what was extremely hot.  So let me explain how was “race day”:

The swim was a non wet-suit, what made it a bit harder. It was a bit slow that planned but OK, is an Iron Man so it is not supposed to be easy :P.  The bike part was a 2 laps course (90 kms each). The first lap was more or less fine, but in the second one I had a mechanic problem + some stomach related problems due to the extreme heat (let’s keep it that way …). After the bike I remember seating in transition zone, completely ill thinking…. it is impossible that now I will run a marathon… I couldn’t eat for more than 3h so no way I could finish that race without eating anything (just drinking). But I decided to go for one lap of the 4 laps course. At least I own to myself and my girlfriend (who was there supporting me) to git it try. So I ran this first lap. I did not know at the time where our supporters where exactly. So my plan was to run at least till that point. Luckily for me this point was 200m from the finish line (also end point of each lap). I remember seeing them as a relief. I walk for a fer meters with my girlfriend and I promise here, do no worry I will come back at least with the green band. They were giving you a new band every lap in this order (blue-green-yellow-red). So I did, but still a half marathon ahead. My legs were gone, but at least I was able to eat normally again. I can say Cola save my day !!!!. It made me feel less stomach-ill again. After the second lap I had nothing left inside. Thanks to a British guy that gave me the best advice ever. “Forget about what you have left, just run from Aid station to Aid station, small steps and you will be an Iron Man at the end”. That’s is what I did, from Aid station to the next, lap after lap….. and I got my red band. Only 5 km to go….. it was there, so much pain, training, time expend and I was only 5kms away…… I ran them quite quick comparing them with the 2 laps before. After a bit more than 14h….. I cross the finish line…. (not before kissing my girlfriend and telling her that without her patience that would not have been possible).

That’s my little story folks, on how I ran an Iron Man race. It was a great experience and some memories will be with me for the rest of my life.  It took a lot effort, self perseverance, time and everything I got inside to make it happen. Finally as a prove below you can see a pic of my finisher medal !!!!! 🙂

IM finish medal

IM finish medal

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