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by on Oct.11, 2013, under News

It has been a while since my last update after the Iron Man. I went on holidays first (well deserved), and then in September I had a lot of work / September has been a very busy month at work. Also with my two little projects going on, preparing a presentation for one of them and an alpha release for the other. In summary, coming back to routine.

My Android and Iphone / Ipad (C++ & Cocos2d-x) game has received the go ahead. Back in November last year, I presented a prototype of this game to “The Ultramagic International Innovation Awards”. We made the cut to the final, but become second of our category. Now Ultramagic has approved the budget to finish its development. We will be releasing the first version of this game for Android by the first quarter of 2014. For more info you can visit the project page here.

Dimension Drive is the second project  a’m working on. This Unity3D space shmup is going to be released also in Ouya!!! We are developing it keeping in mind the constraints (a lot of them trust me !) that this little Android console has. We have released at the beginning of October our first Alpha. This was tested by a small group of friends (hard gamers most of them). Now with their feedback we are improving the gameplay, and first level. We would like to release our game after the summer of 2014. For more info, videos, etc just go to this Project page here.

The last month I jumped from indie / amateur developer, to a kind of professional one :-). The budget for the Android game has been approved….So at the end of the road and, it has been a long one, I am becoming a game developer. Almost 20 years ago when I learnt how to develop in basic (good all times), that kid started to dream about becoming a game developer. I never could imagine how tough and long this was going to be. But here I am with 2 serious projects and a web development blog with about 1000 visits per month.

Thanks to all of you that helped me along the road (specially the one who always believed in me), and keep developing your games 🙂

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    Thanks to all of you that helped me along the road (specially the one who always believed in me)


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