Kevin: a 2D platformer made in the 2014 Global Game Jam

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The last week end (24th to 26th of January) took place the 2014 edition of Global Game Jam (you can find more info about this here). What is a game jam …. well basically you have to develop a game (usually a video game) in 48h.  As they describe it in their web page a Global Game Jam is:

The goal is to come together and make a video game, or non-digital game like a board game or card game. We share a common theme and constraints. We ask participants to create a game from beginning to end in  a prescribed time (maximum of 48 hours). The brief time span is meant to help encourage creative thinking to result in small but innovative and experimental games.

Basically I went to Amsterdam together with a friend (@Stilghar_) , and with a group of total strangers that we meet there,  we have made a game in 48h (or at least the first level) :-). There is a full post in the news section about how went this event (link).

Let me explain a little bit about this project. It is a 2D platformer game with some innovative mechanics.  First of all we tried to synchronize the music with the player movements (game-play). Of course in 48h the results are a bit… buggy, but still happy about them. Also we have tried to play with lighting in order to make every level part different. The level is divided in 10 zones, each with a different color and music. As soon as you reach the next “area” the light changes so the music does (see video below).

Here some game-play mechanics I have implemented during that week end ( I was mostly concentrated on this part of the programming together with the lights-zone effects):

  • Jump
  • Double Jump
  • Wall Jump
  • Slide
  • Stick (to top walls)

I think that our team “Space Shooters not doing an space shooter” could be proud about what we have accomplish during this Jam :-). If you check out the code / project, please don’t be too tough, I haven’t slept for 48h :P.

You can play our game using the unity’s web player from the following links (please use the first 2 links. A new window will be open, and the game will start to load. The last link is using my hosting, but my bandwidth is very limited). To play just use the keyboard (arrows + space) or just  your xbox controller:


Project technical details:

  • Language: C# (Unity scripting)
  • 3D Engine: Unity 3D
  • 2D Models: PNG and animations in Unity format
  • Music: Mp3 and WAv
  • ScreenShots:
Kevin creditd

Kevin credits

Kevin Menu

Kevin Menu






Kevin in game 1

Kevin in game 1

Kevin in game 2

Kevin in game 2








  • Source Code: Subversion (link)
  • GGJ2014: Project link in the global page (link)
  • Videos:
    • Kevin for Global Game Jam (youtube)

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