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I haven’t update the web for a while. I know… too much work is not excuse enough so here I am again, back on businesses. Developing 3 games on my spare time, working a full time job at the European Space Agency, and training for an Iron Man race is not easy. My days only have 24h … unfortunately. On top of all the development and training, a lot has happened lately, I attend 2 Indie Game Development conferences here in The Netherlands with my friend and now partner @Stilghar. Let me then summarize all news a bit in order, Ultramagic Balloons Target my first Android Game, then the 2 conferences we have attended, and a bit our future at 2Awesome.

Ultramagic Balloons Target: The release Android is ready to be published. Probably when you will be reading this lines will be already in Google Play. The last adjustments has been made. Facebook integration, level design, graphics improvements…. I am just waiting the green light from Ultramagic to click the “publish” button and go live. This game will be completely free, with no charges of any type. Just being here, at the finish line, when the game is ready to be published is an achievement. So many hours invested on it, my first game in Cocos2d-x and C++. Hopefully the IOS release will come 1-2 months after the Android release.

Indievelopment 2014: Going to this conference as a “showcaser” was my first time, our first time. Thanks to my buddy @Stilghar at @2Awesome we decided to attend this conference and showcase our games. They were already in a pre-beta version, and was time to see how the players will react to them. To be honest it went perfect. We got a lot of people playing both of our games (Dimension Drive and Energy Rush). The feedback we received was positive, players seems to like the innovative game mechanics we are using in both of them. It was only 1 day, but the experience was incredible. We were so busy showing our games that we did not even have time to attend any of the conferences (a pity in the other side). By the end of the day, we got a lot of positive feedback, what was good, what was missing, some bugs …. and the most important, we got an invitation to showcase our games in another conference, Indie-Gamaleon in Gronningen a few weeks afterwards. In our way back home we thought…. what the …. let’s go for it and showcase there for 2 days. We decided to go even further and give a talk about how we went with from a global game jam idea to a working beta (for Energy Rush, Brushed Away back in there).

Indie-Gamaleon 2014: I meet with my @Stilghar at 7 AM in the morning, we pack our computers and stuff in my car, and we start driving to Gronningen. It’s a 2h drive there, so we have even time to re-do our Energy Rush build in the car !!!!! adding some last minute music we got the night before from Daniel, our musician :). Yep that’s how being indie rocks…. making the build we were going to showcase a few hours later in the trip there :).  We arrive there, and to be honest, I personally love the ambient, the atmosphere there.  During the 2 days we were there, we meet a lot of people, exchange knowledge, contact information, got tons of feedback from our games….. and of course we gave our talk. This time we split our efforts and try to attend some talks we were interested in.  Summarizing after the possitive feedback we got, we decided to push it forward. After the Indie-Gamaleon, talking with @Stilghar we decided that was the right time to go all in. We will continue working our full time jobs at the European Space Agency, but know we are officialy co-founders of 2Awesome Studio a new Dutch based indie studio (despite we both are from Barcelona, we live here in The Netherlands). We are planning to release Energy Rush after summer (September) and Dimension Drive at the end of the year (December). For more information just check our studio’s web here.

Last but not less important, this week end I will start the road to a new Iron Man race (you know, just 3.8kms swim, 180kms bike, 42kms run). This year will be in Mallorca, 28th of September. But first this week end, a Half Iron Man race in Barcelona (1.9 swim, 90km bike and 21km run). I have been training hard over the last months for this race, so fingers crossed and let’s see how it goes on Sunday.

As you can see a lot of information for this few lines… but if you have any question, just drop me a line.

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