Dimension Drive

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“Fight across two battlefields at once in the comic book-styled Shoot’em Up that mixes puzzles and combat with dimensional teleportation! – PC/ Mac / Linux and consoles”

In this project I am acting as a Lead (and solo) programmer. Together with my partner in crimes (David Jimenez) we founded 2Awesome Studio back in 2014 to develop and publish Dimension Drive.  It was funded via Kickstarter in order to hire an awesome group of artist and musicians that are helping us to bring Dimension Drive to the quality levels we envisioned many years ago.

We are planning to release it in 2017 for PC / Mac / Linux / PS4 / XBox One.

Main Features

  • A new type of shoot’em up: Fast Dual-Screen vertical shoot’em up with teleportation.
  • Rich science fiction adventure: Teleport your way across the multiverse fighting the ultimate threat, meet new races and allies. Unfold the secrets of your past and the creators of the Dimension Drives. Become a legendary space pilot.
  • Clever mix of three mechanics: Shooting, puzzle,
  • 2 games in your screen: Multitask and single-handedly fight 2 shoot’em ups side-by-side.
  • Comicbook art style: Video game meets comic. Experience the story of Jack through the motion comics and awe at the colour rich in-game comic art style. Who said space was black?
  • Energy concept: The Manticore is powered by the Dimension Drive energy. Carefully strategize and decide when and where are the best places to teleport.
  • Advanced scoring system: Obtain the best score in the leaderboards.


Technical details:

  • Language: C#
  • 3D Engine: Unity3D
  • Media:

Dimension Drive Dimension Drive Dimension Drive Dimension Drive






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