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Post-Kickstarter update and what’s going on lately

by on Nov.24, 2015, under News

As some of you might know our first Kickstarter was “trolled” in the last hours. I will not write here much more about what happened, as a lot have already been said (Kotaku, Destructoid, Eurogamer, Polygon). Thanks to your support, we stand up and came back for more. This second time around there was no “more bumpy roads”, and we got funded !!!! If you want to know more about our second Kickstarter, you can find the project here.

I will never be grateful enough for all the support we received during those days. Really, it was all of you who help me / us to stand up again after what happened. Even now that few months has passed, I remember those days as probably the worst experience I ever had (gamedev related).

In other news I am working lately in some core features for Dimension Drive (I/O, audio, Steam integration, …). Sometimes I feel that the to-do list only grow and grow and grow 🙂 . If you want to download the latest public alpha (the newest versions are only available for backers and early access users) you can download it from here. If you want to follow how the development is going, you can check it our in our devlog.

Last, (but not least important) I am just writing some post about different topics (implementing game Input with Command pattern, some Unity – C# audio tricks, …).

Not much for now, if you have any question… just reply in the comments below (or use the contact form).

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Dimension Drive is on Kickstarter

by on Apr.16, 2015, under News

Hey folks !!!!

Sorry for being a bit absent for the last few months. At 2Awesome Studio we have been working like crazy to launch our crowd-funding campaign at Kickstarter. Finally last Tuesday we went live with our campaign and now crazy mode is ON. Crunch time every day, working from 8 AM till … 2-3AM again .. is exhausting but totally worth it 🙂

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